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In today’s world with ever changing technology and rapid changes to lifestyle, the overall health has taken a backseat. The root cause of a lot of the health challenges that we face today comes from how we live – “Our Lifestyle”! To improve health and life, the need for change is also acknowledged. The challenge however lies in action and sustenance.

The core philosophy of Kritam is to enable this transition in an easy and scientific way ensuring sustainability. Kritam seeks to help an individual reconnect with Living Healthy without compromising on one’s dreams of life. The idea of Kritam is not just to bring about a complete change in daily life but rather prompt the trend of not ever having to take medicines in the first place.

Kritam aims not only to give a solution to pre-existing issues but also help in the establishment of a healthy lifestyle. This comprehensive system ensures that the problem does not get a chance to trigger an issue in the first place, thus ensuring that one leads a healthy fulfilling life to the best of one’s abilities.

Kritam eliminates lifestyle issues at the grass root level via the introduction of a dual system of in-house and online platforms. Kritam’s foundation lays on four important aspects of life. The program is customized for each individual and may take an approximate period of 1 to 4 months

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