About Us

Each one of us wants to live a healthy life to the fullest, but does not really know where to start.

This is where we come in.


To Take Action – “Kriti” through “Kritam”


KRITAM engages an individual in a journey of Transformation through Motivation, Planning and “Kritis” (Actions) that are both scientific and engaging. The outcome is Lasting Behavior Change resulting in Healthier & Happier You!


We are aiming you to have complete control of your own health. The idea is to be independent of any outer forces to regulate your health and to live better without medicines. We achieve this through well-researched and scientific process.

Do You?

  • Want to Modify your Lifestyle for Better Health?
  • Want to Live life Healthier, Happier?
  • Want to Feel More Energetic and Fresh?
  • Want to Live Stress Free and Get Best From Life?
  • Want to Stop Taking Unnecessary Medicines?
  • Want to Do it Rather Than Just Think About It?

Transformation Process


Once you visit us, your registration is done. You can save this time by downloading “Kirtam” mobile app and registering yourself.

Lifestyle Doctor

Your first consultation is with “Lifestyle Doctor”. Lifestyle Doctor will take your detailed history to understand you better. Lifestyle Doctor will be leading you through your Transformation Journey.

Personal Goal Plan

As your medical history, strengths and limitations are identified the Lifestyle Doctor draws a personalized goal plan in discussion with you. The goal plan is designed to be achieved in a time bound manner typically over a span of 3 months. The features of friendly Kritam App is introduced to you and then you are set to begin the journey of Transformation.

Kritam Team

In this Intensive Phase of program, you will be constantly coached and guided by the dynamic KRTIAM team and supported by the Mobile App. During this phase, you meet with the team once in a week or two to work on 4 cornerstones of your lifestyle program and decide on the “Kritis” (actions) to be done.

Engaing Kritis

Some of the kritis are practiced in the clinic and few kritis are scheduled through your mobile app. You continue to progress through the App and work through the interesting kritis as requested. The KRITAM team is constantly behind you through mobile app at any point should you need them.

Follow Up

The follow-up will usually be a feedback and discussion on Kritis done last week. Regular assessment is done at follow up through structured analysis and accordingly modifications are done to achieve the goals in time. Purpose is to make it more benefiting for you and further which new Kritis are introduced to you.

Transformation Achieved

The program continues until the plan is completed in designated time frame.


After achieving your transformation goals, you can chose for a Maintenance Phase. During the maintenance phase you may meet KRITAM team once in a month to keep you boosted and high on your morals. You may choose to do this part online as well.


At the core, our lives are made of habits. We help you identify habits, which could be detrimental to your health by providing you 360° analysis and hand holding to modify them to achieve better health. With the right coaching and gradual progression, adoption of a new way of living is possible with Kritam. Our customizable program aims to transform every individual into healthy being through lifestyle modification. Kritam achieves and maintans this tranfrormation thorugh in person consultation supported by technology. The four cornerstones of kritam are:


To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. Today, what we eat is the reason for wellness or illness tomorrow!


Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.


Peace is less about changing the mind and more about changing the perspective of mind, to be at ease with it as it is.

Life 2.0

The purpose of Life 2.0 is to help you adopt and adhere to healthy lifestyle choices by transforming relations and ecosystem around you.

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